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The location of ”Kepulauan Seribu (a thousand Island) ” are in the north of Capital Region of DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. As same as the name a Thousand Island, Kepulauan Seribu has many of Island, but in this trip, I am visit three Island only, there are Kelor Island, Cipir Island (Khayangan Island), and Onrust Island. In my calculation, the distance of the three Island from Monas (the symbol of Jakarta) approximately 20 Mill.
In this trip we were not only talked about having fun, but also talked about remaining Historical of Indonesia under colonial period of Holland. I know this information from Broadcast Messenger of Blackberry. At first, I don’t have anyone to accompany me at this trip, but I still decided to leave cause I believe that I would meet a new friend.
Point of Departure are in Pasar Pelelangan Ikan, Muara Kamal, North Jakarta. At this point I meet a new companion, they are Kendra, Genta, Iwan and more than another 20 persons.
The first Island what we are visited are Kelor Island. To Kelor Island we took fisherman Ship. This small ship make by wood and the machine use diesel fuel. This ship is full of our entourage. We Move from Muara kamal on 8.30 am and arrived at Kelor Island approximately 9.00 am. In Kelor Island there are no dock, so the ship anchored on the beach.
Kelor Island are the frontline basis to defending Batavia from marines attack enemies. Cause of that in Kelor Island the are Martello Fort. This fort still exist until now, and if you want you can climb the fort until the top, and from there you can see a whole of the island and seas area. (Fyi: on top of the fort there are some big cactus life ).
The second Island is the Cipir Island or Khayangan Island. In the past, the Cipir Island used to Infectious Disease Quarantine Center for Hajji Jama’ah. So, cause of that in this Island you can see the ruins of hospital and the wards. There one think of this Island a less attractive, there are the water of the sea were polluted and many garbage.
The third island, Onrust Island. Title of Onrust are comes from Un Rest, because in the past, this island are always busy, and never sleep. And on that time European more familiar Onrust than Bali. Onrust was also use for Hajji’s Hostel before dispatched to Mecca. In this Island there were also a tragedy of Maria’s Love Story , who died when she was waiting for his groom. She was 25 years old when she died. His groom were also died when he on the Journey to Batavia. Same like Cipir Island, water beach of Onrust was also polluted and many garbage.
Price: IDR 99.000, (11 USD)

Key Word : Kepulauan Seribu, Pulau Kelor, Pulau Cipir, Pulau Onrust.


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